Cox Farm Kennels: About Us

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Through our lifetime experiences with dogs, we realize the love and companionship they can bring into people's lives. Or goal is to provide quality pets to suitable homes at reasonable prices. We traveled many miles in 2006 to purchase quality puppies with good bloodlines. We have spent alot of time with them and know each one individually. Our kennels are well kept;cleaned twice daily with the grounds well groomed. Each dog has daily outside time in the outdoor pens. They are physically well cared for and treated kindly and loved. We have just finished building our outside nursery kennel. Our dogs are now of a breedable age and we are ready to offer lovable puppies. The breeds that we offer make wonderful pets and companions. Our German Shepherds, Weimaraners, Golden Retrievers,  Chocolate Labs and Beagles are all AKC.  We have 1 AKC Jack Russell Terrier female and the others are UKC registered. Our male Jack Russell is AKC and UKC registered.