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 Boxers are friendly,lively companions that are popular as family dogs. A bright, energetic, playful breed usually making them good around children. However, they are active and very strong, requiring plenty of exercise to prevent boredom.Their alertness, agility, and strength make them good guard dogs. They are not an aggressive or viscious breed,but instinctive guardians of the family, however tolerant of strangers once they know there is no danger.

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Cox Farm Kennels
Name: Poppie

 Poppie is a smart, happy girl.

She can jump really high and

loves to run and play with 

her sister Scarlet.

Name: Scarlet

 Scarlet is a sweet girl 

and is a delight. She likes

to give kisses and loves

her doggie chews.

Cox Farm Kennels

There are no litters at this time. Please check back later.