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The Beagle is built and bred for hunting,however they are wonderful family dogs and are great with children. Having a high tolerence for children and their antics makes them a very family-oriented breed. They are amazingly cute and give unconditional love. We no longer will be having any beagle puppies.

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Name: Smut

Smut has beautiful eyes rimmed in black, thus her name. She is rambunctious and loves attention and treats. She is now available for adoption to a loving home.

Name: Sandy

Sandy is our lightest color beagle female. She wants your attention to be bestowed upon her. She really likes to sniff around the pen.

Sandy is now available for adoption to a good, loving home.

Name: Ruby Red

Ruby Red is our newest

beagle addition. She is

registered with the UKC.

She is a really pretty

small, red and white

female. She barks and 

begs for treats! Ruby is now

available for adoption.


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There are no litters at this time. Please check back later.