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Jack Russell Terriers are often described as big dogs in small packages. They are happy, extremely active and energetic little dogs. They are very loyal, intelligent, assertive and vocal. Physically, they are 10"-15" tall and weigh about 12-15 pounds. They make wonderful companions. Suprisingly, they have a gentle and kind nature, so can make a good family pet. They are friendly with small children , but don't handle any abusive behaviors.

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Cox Farm Kennels
Name: Copper

Copper is a pretty female and is probably our most independent. However, she is sweet and loving and likes to be petted and held. Copper is available for adoption.

Name: Penny

Penny is our most loving female. Her favorite thing to do is to climb in your lap and nuzzle with you. She has a very sweet disposition. Sweet Penny is available for adoption.

Name: Barney

Barney is a lively, fun fellow with a friendly disposition. He is registered with the UKC. Playing chase with his friend Sonny is one of his favorite things to do. He likes to give unexpected "kissess". Barney is available for adoption.

Name: Sonny

 Sonny is handsome and delightful. He craves attention and affection and loves to sit in your lap. He's best buddies with Barney and is also UKC registered. Sonny is aavailable for adoption.

Cox Farm Kennels

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