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Golden Retrievers make beloved companions and have gentle, loving dispositions. They are an excellent breed for families with children.The Golden's desire to please humans is legendary, making them a first-rate pet.

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Cox Farm Kennels
Name: Monty

Monty is our male Golden Retriever. He is truly a gentleman. Well- mannered and tolerant describes Monty. However, he holds his own against any other males and is beautiful. Monty is AKC registered and is available for stud.

Name: Cassie

 Cassie is a pretty, dark Golden-

her hair being a pretty shade of red.

She is very excited to play and receive

a treat. She likes to play with her sister



Name: Sassie

 Sassie is a beautiful, sweet girl.

She's a little shy and very athletic.

Boy can she jump! She loves to 

play with her sister Cassie outside.

Cox Farm Kennels

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