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The Gernman Shepherd is a very versatile breed. They are known for their gentle, loving dispositions making them great companions and family pets.They are loyal, fearless, self-confident, active, enthusiastic and obedient.These traits make them good candidates as watch dogs.

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Cox Farm Kennels
Name: Kane

 Kane is our new male German Shepherd.

 He is a handsome boy and is very gentle. He loves to play

 with his friend Gus in the run. 


Name: Jessie

 Jessie is a beautiful young lady.

She's very playful and very smart.

She enjoys running around with 

her sister Gypsy.

Name: Gypsy

 Gypsy is a sweet,smart girl-

 and very athletic. She has the prettiest

 face. She likes to play with her sister


Cox Farm Kennels

There are no litters at this time. Please check back later.